We do God's work in partnership with God's people: churches, Christian groups and individuals.


Equally important to the soldiers at the battlefield are the civilians at the home front. The homefront refers to civilian contribution during a war. In the World War II, the homefront in the Allied Forces (the ones that won the war) was mostly made up of women, the sick and the aged who could not enlist for war.

They gathered together all the material the Allied forces needed for war including boosting morale by writing letters to the soldiers. The homefront was crucial to the victory of the Allied Forces. They went as far beyond giving money by purchasing war bonds, to also joining in the dirty work of scavenging for needed material such as scrap metal for building weapons. 

Civilians back home rationed food and women in large numbers were responding to the need to work outside the home in factories left desolate by able bodied drafted to the battle field. Everybody was making incredible sacrifices to win the war. Whether risking their lives in combat or surrendering luxury and comfort in the homefront.

We are in a spiritual battle. We have soldiers in hostile enemy territory risking their lives to take the Gospel of the Lord to unreached peoples.

We too need a strong, committed and sacrificial homefront. Jesus, our Commander requires men and women who will pray until God anwers, and who will give until all unreached people’s are reached.

You too are a member of this army. We trust that God has equipped you with everything you need to contribute to His spiritual war efforts.


‘He seemed to say “Well, I will go down, if you will hold the rope.” Andrew Fuller’s description of William Carey.

Missionaries leave behind everything to go down the well. They go into the dark to be the light at great personal cost. Missionary partners hold the rope that lowers them down the well. Missionary partners bear the weight of supporting also at great personal cost.

However, both believe that Jesus Christ, who saved them at a greater personal cost, is not only worthy of their sacrifices but is also able to supply the grace they need to perform their roles with joy and fulfilment.

CAPRO (CMU) – KENYA partner’s have supported the work since its inception. The church in Kenya has prayed and given and volunteered to build up the work of God in missions through CMU.

Partners have held the rope in various unique ways as God has blessed them including the following:

  1. Praying. At its inception, men and women gave their time to pray for God’s direction for CAPRO (CMU) – KENYA. It is out of those prayers that the Lord gave us Isaiah 54 and various other guiding scripture. Through the years, partners have continued to pray and God has continued to answer.
  2. Financial Giving. CAPRO (CMU) – KENYA, is a faith based ministry. That means that 100% of our budget for personal needs of missionaries and also for projects in the fields and offices are gifted to us by partners. We pray and God provides through the generous giving of our partners.
  3. Volunteering time and skills. CAPRO Kenya has benefitted greatly from partners who have volunteered their time in many ways such as serving in our various councils. Some functions such as education, sewing, interior design, medicine, accounts, IT, legal and administration have also enjoyed the expertise of our partners. Whichever skill you have, the Lord has use of it in missions.
  4. Member care and encouragement. CAPRO partners have availed their homes, warmth and encouragement for missionaries to be refreshed after long and taxing service.

There are many other unique ways that the Lord has used our partners. We cannot exhaust the list.

Your generosity saves souls

Your sacrificial and generous giving takes the Gospel where it has not been preached bofore. 

There is no investment more worthwhile than the salvation of men. Souls, once won to Christ, are heavenly treasures that cannot perish.