The Incredible CAPRO Story

Calvary Ministries (popularly known as CAPRO because of her original name as Calvary Productions)  started as a spontaneous outreach to the Muslims of Northern Nigeria in 1975.

What initially was meant to be a short-term outreach in Zaria City by a group of young zealous evangelists, has grown to become an international interdenominational Missions Agency with over 700 missionaries from 26 countries and with operations in 35 countries in Subsaharan Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia.

This is the story of God making the mustard seed into an instrument for His global kingdom mandate. What started as a Nigerian initiative has both become a missions movement as well as a catalyst for missions movements in several countries.

CAPRO has been instrumental in the birthing and development of several mission structures and mission partnerships in Africa. CAPRO is a radical commission that believes that the work of global evangelization must not be done as an option but as a compulsory mandate from the King of the Universe, and no price must be considered too high to pay to execute the mandate of our Lord Jesus.

CAPRO missionaries are known for their extremity: extreme devotion to Jesus, extreme commitment to the Word of God, extreme passion for the lost, extreme sacrifice for the missions mandate and extreme commitment to honouring the Bride of Christ.