Missionary Testimony – God draws Muslim family to Himself

One day when I was working among the Watta, a Muslim woman who I had befriended informed me that her husband (also a Muslim) was sick and she was on her way to look for money to take him to hospital. The following day when I asked her if she had been able to get the money, she said no. On the third day, we (the missionaries there) went to visit the family.

We found the man lying on his mat. We encouraged the family and prayed with them and gave them the money they needed to take him to the hospital which was only ksh. 100. The man remained unresponsive throughout our brief visit. Little did we know that God was stirring his heart as he lay there quietly.

 A few days later the man became more friendly and open towards us and often asked us to pray for him because when we (Christians) prayed, it made him feel better. One day, a few weeks after our visit, the man came to a church service. He asked to be prayed for in front of the small congregation there and expressed his interest in knowing Christ.

We thank God for opening his heart to the missionaries and we continue to pray for him and his whole family that God may reveal Himself to them. He and his wife are both seekers and we pray that the Lord may lead them straight to Himself. Also we continue to pray for God to grant the missionaries handling them the patience and wisdom they need. We invite you to just say a quick prayer for that family and the missionaries right now.

6 thoughts on “Missionary Testimony – God draws Muslim family to Himself”

  1. An encouraging testimony of how believers’ demonstration of mercy/love in the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ draws non Christians to him!

    May the entire family of Watta receive the eternal life that our Lord Jesus offers freely to those who believe in Him! Amen

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